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Our Story

Cantine dal 1901

CANTINE MORBELLI is a place that has existed for more than 20 years and was born as a winery, the very name "cellars" recalls a past of winemakers.
Inside the restaurant you can breathe this air and in its cellars, where old barrels are still present, wine was produced, in particular the Carema, excellence of the Canavese area.

Over the years it has transformed, combining wine, food, music and events, but maintaining a multifaceted connotation of a place where you can dine or enjoy an aperitif or after dinner, participate in a wine tasting in the company of producers or speakers or organize a private event, as there are different environments suitable for different situations and needs

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We Are Open for Private Events

Cantine Morbelli is in Ivrea synonymous with quality wine: we propose ourselves as one of the largest showcases of Canavese enology, where you can choose from over 400 labels including wines from Italy and abroad with retail sales.
The restaurant is air conditioned and has a large outdoor area.
Cantine Morbelli also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a space reserved for private or corporate events.

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